Friday, May 11, 2007

Ola Erstad: Media education and media literacies - past, present and future

Media creativity at its best? Link to Youtube, bushandblair

One of the main points of Ola Erstad's presentation was that there is a huge transition taking place which is new and has happened really fast. Our biggest concern at the moment is to understand how to cope with it.

These transformations are:
  • the unit of analysis
  • multimodality
  • creativity
  • media production
  • being critical
Case Norway:

A new subject introduced in the upper secondary schools: media and communication. The course is very popular and schools are now competing against one another trying to offer the course and thereby attract students . The course content is very much focused on production and the researchers are concerned about what the students are really "learning".


nokixel said...

Yesterday we got many nice impression about media, but I think the best thing was the movie in the night... I was one of the movies you will always remember, it makes you stop and think about it for a while ,and discuss interesting issues with others. Thank you for the organizers and for the movie makers for gave us the possibility to get to know more Sweden from a different aspect! R-H

Electra said...

Thanks for writing this.