Thursday, May 10, 2007

KEYNOTE 2 Kjell Sundstedt: "There cannot be more humans like you"

This one is in Swedish so bear with me as some of the terms and concepts may be translated by impromptu and inspiration :)

It is about forced sterilisations (against the will OR knowledge of the person in question) of the type of people that were not wished to breed and multiply in society. He wants this story to be out in the open, on film, in school books as a reminder, a warning that these kind of things cannot and should not happen in civilised societies.

Everyone in the public was asked to write two things about which they have or have had a profound internal conflict. No therapy sessions, just a word or two. This is where we all our stories have their beginning. But it does not end on the personal level, we have to reach out to the environment (in i det stora). That is what KS has done with his films and stories. He has done a lot of background research to find about the themes he has talked about, he has dug through loads of archives, documents, private diaries to gain a better picture of the events and to find the people he wants to include in his stories. Making the film about sterlisations was painful as he was talking about something that had with his own family and history to do. But the story had to be told.

A thought from the audience: is this what media education is about: to encourage young people to tell their stories, be active initiators of discussion of other than the usual and generally accepted topics. What do you think?

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