Friday, May 11, 2007

Den nya människan

About 40 people came to see the midnight-performance of the movie "the new man" at cinema Adams. It was a really very catching and impressive story and especially with Kjell Sundstedt's reflections in the morning a movie experience I haven't had for a long time - and apparently neither the other spectators (that's at least what the faces told when the lights turned on after the movie!).


marta said...

I don't know if there were that many of us Lorenz :) but the movie was interesting and I have just found out that it was a Polish journalist whose articles in Swedish newspapers brought to the light sterilisation practices and triggered the discussion around the issue.Quite coincidence for me as I just happen to read recently the interview with him.

marta said...

The issue in the movie is a part of a bigger problem in not only Sweden as similar practices have been carried on in e.g. Norway. I have heard that the singer of ABBA is one of the children that managed to escape being harmed this way. True/false?